What People Are Saying

5 stars is not enough!

I cannot say enough about Studio45! I have been a client for one year and this workout has changed my overall fitness tremendously. The owners and staff are the best of the best! I highly recommend you give this a try!!!!

Tia R. | Seattle, WA

This is the most welcoming Pilates studio

Everyone from staff to members has been friendly and social. It's clean and intimate, so you get personal attention from the instructors, who are each excellent at what they do (I say this after years of doing Lagree Method: these people know their stuff.)

Lilly G. | Seattle, WA

What a great place!

After attending for several weeks, my 46-year-old desk worker back doesn't hurt anymore! Let's be clear - it's really hard, but you're done in 45 minutes and everything gets stronger. I can't recommend the workout and the place and the staff highly enough.

Michael Z. | Seattle, WA

Thank you Studio 45!

After attending classes a minimum of 3 times a week for the past 3-4 months, I can confirm that this is one of the most strenuous and efficient exercise regiments I've ever tried. I leave exhausted, but feeling great. All of the instructors are top of the pops, but bring unique styles adding to the variety of the sessions. Some create a bit more intense workouts than others.

R.H. | Seattle, WA

I love the workouts!

I started going to Studio 45 after my friend was encouraging me to go "you'll love it" she says. So much so that I joined for a year. The owners and the instructors are so nice and supportive and encouraging. The full body workouts are always different, challenging, and enjoyable. I definitely recommend Studio 45 for a whole body, low impact effective workout!

Alice N. | Seattle, WA

I leave Studio 45 sore, but in a good way!

I leave Studio 45 sore, but in a good way!I have injury in my shoulder, low back, and hamstring. All of the sports I play are explosive and high impact, which don’t work my stabilizing muscles enough to support my heavy movers. The Lagree method is really helping to isolate them and show me exactly where my imbalances are!

Mona W. | Seattle, WA

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